"Europe must put stars in our youngsters' eyes. Europe is not a project against our nations but is the only way to preserve their prerogatives in a globalised world. Let us get rid of fears blurring our judgement. Each Member States is a chance for Europe. Let us seize this collective opportunity. Our common future is in our hands."


"As the say goes "Politicians have the next elections in mind while statesmen have the next generation in mind". It is because I bear in mind our futures generations' interests that I have decided to become an MEP. In today's World let us not look back. Let us learn from our past mistakes but let us not live with ideas of the past. Let us look ahead, towards the future, ad let us do it now"



Yes, Europe is the collective challenge of our modern times. Yes, Europe is an unprecedented experiment: it is the only Union of States and People accomplished not by strength but by free-will and the Rule of Law. The 2012 Nobel peace prize was awarded to the EU to welcome an exceptional period of 60 years of peace, and more to come. Beyond peace, we must now give Europe the necessary means to fulfill its political potential.


RT @Nathan Maurel: "L'Europe est encore aujourd'hui une addition d'égoïsmes nationaux. Nous avons une marge de progression considérable." L…
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RT @KTOTV: ⏰@Jean Arthuis est l'invité de #FaceAuxChretiens Le député européen #LaREM répondra à @bernard gorce @Laurent de Boissieu de @La Croix, A…
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@La Sybille du chemin @Bob le Centriste Mesurez vos mots. La théorie du complot est intolérable tant elle est grave, elle met en péril la République.
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Press conference Guy Verhofstadt "The truth about Greece" - 25 May 2016
Jean Arthuis 16 Sep 2014 plenary speech on Presentation by the Council 2015 financial year
Europe and industrial policy - My opinion on the matter
Europe, last chance for France
France saw the last few years a period of crisis, and French are encouraged to consider Europe and its single currency as the source of all their troubles.
This revolt Jean Arthuis, although he understands the causes of ineptitude have with countries with economies as disparate as Germany and Greece of the single currency; frenzy enlargement compounding the problem year after year.
But back to a secluded and France out of the euro is simply not an option: we like it or not, the economy is globalized, and moreover, our enormous public debt is denominated in euros. A franc devalued precipitate the country into the abyss, no offense to irresponsible dangle this false solution.
With lucidity and outspoken customary, Jean Arthuis says that France can not get out alone. Europe is his last chance, provided that requalify by reforming itself and make eurozone embryo of European federalism.
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