The unemployment, and particularly youth unemployment, is an outrage for our human values in Europe. Young people and their family fear the latter. It brings discredit upon our society and jeopardises its future. Within the European Union, it concerns one young out of four on average. In some countries, more than one young out of two suffer from it. However, we should observe that there is no fatality as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands offer to their young generation a direct access to the professional world thanks to apprenticeship. We also point out that students who had the opportunity to spend at least one year of their course abroad, thanks to an Erasmus grant, are generally better protected against the risks of unemployment. The ability to speak another language than the mother tongue and the openness to European citizenship are valuable assets.

The apprenticeship is paradoxically slowing down for several years, including in Germany. There is therefore an emergency to pair up this “golden path” to employment with the prestigious brand of mobility support called “Erasmus”.

This observation has been at the source of the Pilot Project we submitted to the European Parliament in 2015, which aims to promote apprenticeship and long mobility. Its implementation meets with numerous obstacles. The importance of traditions and the diversity of national regulations are reasons which impede reforms. Fortunately, pioneers dared to express their support with courage (teachers, professional institutions) and experimented the idea. As they wanted to share their practices and experience, they created the “Euro App’” consortium. The latter is a true laboratory for the building of solutions which open the doors of the professional world to young people.