Find here the testimony of the students from the Institution Rey and Jean-Paul II Rouen following their visit at the European Parliament.

On 21 March, the students from the Institution Rey and Jean-Paul II Rouen spent an exceptional day and benefited from an enriching experience during the visit at the European Parliament in Brussels. It is the core of the European democracy which represents 500 million citizens. The seat is located in Strasbourg and most of the legislative work is done in Brussels.

They were impressed from the outset by the buzzing atmosphere that was prevailing when they arrived on the Solidarnosc esplanade with the Simone Veil agora in its core. At a first stage, the group attended a meeting from the Committee on Budgets which was translated in 24 languages. Then Mr. Jean Arthuis answered to the questions asked by the youths on, among others, the functioning of Europe, its future, the management of dysfunctions between Member States and Brexit. The students as a whole described this opportunity to ask questions to a very open politician as “fantastic”.

The afternoon was destined to the visit of the Hemicycle. It was an excellent mean to familiarise with the inner workings of the European Parliament and discover what the European institutions are.

With a common goal of better knowing Europe, students from both schools had an excellent feeling with this institution. They unanimously said this experience allowed them to know the place, better understand the impact of Europe on their daily life and anticipate their future behaviour as French and, even more, European citizens.

Jean Arthuis concluded with a message of conviction on the Europe of tomorrow by using the same words than the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron: “continue to make a Europe which protects and looks to the future go further”.