After a morning spent in Bardonecchia - upwards on the French-Italian border -, MEPs Jean Arthuis (French) and Daniele Viotti (Italian) continued their parliamentary mission in Ventimiglia yesterday.

For both steps, the intention was the same: listening to the authorities and the associations helping migrants in order to make a state-of-the-art of the migratory situation. And trying to propose concrete solutions at the European level. Starting from the statement that impacted municipalities and Italy cannot act alone against this geopolitical problem.

Following the first visit, Jean Arthuis (AC/LREM) summarised his feeling on Twitter, stating that “migrations have given birth to artificial borders again. Against the sufferings, the local actors bring human responses. Europe is impatiently waited”.

“I admire the municipalities which welcome those unfortunates”

The second meeting started in the end of the afternoon, in the Ventimiglia’s Red Cross camp, where most of migrants rejected from the border or requesting asylum are based. Ventimiglia’s mayor Enrico Ioculano, as well as people from the associations, have guided the MEPs both involved in the Committee on Budgets at the European Parliament, which is chaired by Jean Arthuis.

Among the main questions asked, those concerning the smugglers that migrants are using in order to enter Europe. As well as the way the exiled people are paying them whereas they have no money when they arrive in Italy, after a long and costly trip.

Also questioned on the phenomenon’s intensity, the mayor responded that it is difficult to assess it. But the most intense period remains summer. Next step: Roya’s edges where an informal camp was established before being dismantled recently. Then the Sant’Antonio’s church which welcomed women, children and most deprived people during more than 400 days.

“I admire the municipalities which welcome those unfortunates who try to pass, the local elected people who work together and finally forget the borders, and also the NGOs which are available in order to make the human values respected” said the French MEP, holding in his hand a notebook full of notes.

Statements collected on 12 May 2018 by Nice-Matin, Monaco edition (Journalist: Alice Rousselot) | Translated from French.