Find here my full intervention before the vote on the Viotti’s report concerning the mandate for the Trilogue on the 2019 draft EU budget.

Dear President,
Dear Commissioner,
Dear Colleagues,

I would like to pay tribute to the excellent mandate prepared by our general rapporteur Daniele Viotti. From 12 July onwards, with you Commissioner, we will meet the Council and its Austrian presidency for a trilogue destined to highlight our priorities, our methodology and our agenda.

Our task will be achieved while we are already largely mobilised by the post-2020 multiannual financial framework’s project.
Whereas the work undertaken can generate an obvious increase of workload, it can also justify that we try to make the 2019 budget up to the level it should reach in 2021, at least for some actions. In this regard, I would like to mention the means allocated to Erasmus+. I do it as an example and by conviction.

We celebrated the 30th anniversary of Erasmus which is one of the happiest initiatives attributed to the European Union. Youth mobility in Europe awakes and consolidates the European citizenship. It allows to discover and share good practices in the areas of education, professional training and apprenticeship. Unfortunately, the Erasmus programme triggers some disappointments as 50% of requests are refused each year due to a lack of appropriations.

I note with satisfaction that the Commission is learning from this experience in the MFF’s draft it released on 2 May as it proposes to double the volume of appropriations. The Parliament, from its side, asks for the tripling because it will be necessary to add new expectations coming from apprentices and trainees from the professional training in the framework of the new ERASMUS PRO programme. Excellent tool for tackling youth unemployment.

In those conditions, President, Commissioner, dear Colleagues, I wish that we can increase ERASMUS to the level of the expectations of young Europeans and their families.
Let’s do everything in order to make the 2019 EU budget the harmonious anticipation of the ambitions expressed in the new multiannual financial framework for a Europe which shapes our future and protects us.

Please find the video of my intervention here (in French only)


Translated from the French version