Next spring, hundreds of millions of citizens will get to the polls in order to elect a new European Parliament.


EU citizens will carefully assess the candidates and the programmes before taking a decision that will shape the future of our continent and our role in the world for the coming years.

The European Union is challenged. It is subject to multi-faceted threats, whose main drivers are the nationalist forces that want to destroy the European project.

In response to detractors, we have to reshape Europe to make it more efficient, respond to citizens’ expectations and by capitalising on our successes for instance.

In the coming months, European citizens will closely scrutinise what the European Union does to protect them, offer them new perspectives and shine over the international stage. They will ask for answers to their concerns generated by the challenges triggered by globalisation: migratory flows, security, climate or employment.

The European Union has to make the information on what it does available and share its daily successes to the greatest possible number of people. This is the reason why the European Parliament has formally launched a website on the practical Europe, dedicated to “what Europe does for me”.

“EU and Me" - - #EUandMe

Translated from French